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Your work and living environment is where you spend your life and it is a showcase that shows your work and personal personality. We will make this showcase the best for you…

طراحی داخلی

Home Decoration Design

Arka team provides interior design services in iran , The home environment is the place where we spend the best and most important hours of the day and night. Our feelings are affected by the home environment during these hours. There are many things to consider about lighting, the most important of which is lighting. With the best decoration design team, we will accompany you to enjoy the home environment as much as possible.

It may not be interesting to say, but designers have no secrets. There are no rules for what designers do. They are naturally creative and love to imagine, dream, discover and follow their inspirations. But there are a number of rules that must be followed to achieve the desired result. Designers only try things that they think are good and appropriate. And that’s not to say that these are tricks or skills that can be put into practice over the years. Everyone can do it. In fact, it can be the basis for the development of your creative and normative intuition.


Office Decoration Design

Office decoration design requires more expertise and skill than residential homes because home decoration should be according to the tastes of the people living in it, but office environments should be such that in addition to being formal and having norms and order with their audience with each Communicate taste and be attractive because organizational interests have a high priority in it and the environment can be effective in attracting customer trust.


It will also create an attractive environment for employees to increase their work efficiency by increasing job satisfaction and creating a friendly and calm atmosphere. Coloring and arrangement in each guild should be done according to the psychology of its audience. It is also better for the type of decoration to be appropriate for the use of the organization and the products that are offered.

طراحی داخلی
طراحی داخلی

Commercial Decoration Design

The term commercial space refers to places that are used for business and the sale of various goods related to different fields of work. For commercial interior decoration, these places have different decorations and styles depending on what goods are sold there. For example, the decor of a clothing and boutique shop is very different from a supermarket or bookstore, and this difference is due to the specific goods that are sold in each. In the interior design of shopping malls, we have to pay attention to many different things. Among the most important of these are flooring, shopping center furniture, lighting, walls and columns, and finally green space.

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