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virtual exhibition

What is a virtual exhibition?

Most people may be familiar with the term exhibition, but they may not know much about virtual exhibition. The question “what is a virtual exhibition?” is always in people’s minds and seek the answer. Exhibitions are usually held to showcase a product or products. They ultimately lead to sales and profitability for sellers and suppliers.

The virtual exhibition is an online event that is held on a comprehensive platform. This type of exhibition creates the conditions for people to interact virtually instead of face-to-face and physical interaction. This new technology has attracted a lot of attention since 2000 and has become very popular and attracted thousands of participants. Virtual exhibitions have now become a widely used marketing tool. According to research, virtual events are the second most important source of information. Those who make decisions for very large businesses use them in their new technologies.

The virtual exhibition provides an opportunity for exhibitors to introduce their latest and greatest products to a wide range of audiences around the world. Those who participate in virtual exhibitions can interact through live video, text or video dialogue.

Comprehensive platforms for exhibitors have made it possible to customize booths. The virtual exhibition also provides a sharing space for, organizational information, image galleries, adding social media, adding videos and increasing the number of your audience.

The virtual exhibition is a great and convenient option for those who are organizing the event, because they can attract a wider range of exhibitors and visitors, which is not possible in the exhibitions due to limitations of place, time and cost.

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What is a virtual exhibition

What is a virtual exhibition and what services are offered?

First of all, let’s examine the meaning of the word exhibition. This word also means the word celebration in English. This sequence was taken from ceremonies and gatherings that were held on different occasions, and the participants, in addition to attending celebrations and gatherings, bought and sold products. This caused economic exchanges in addition to happiness and celebration.

On the other hand, the English word Fair means to spend leisure time and also the exchange market, which is semantically close to other words with meanings such as religious festival. Over time, the festivities that accompanied the holidays and bazaars were held around religious sites, which combined with religious festivals. Finally, we saw the word exhibition, which in addition to expressing the display of various objects in specific places, also conveyed the meaning and concept of performing various plays to the audience.

Various other words are also synonymous with exhibition, but what is a virtual exhibition?

To answer the question, it can be said that with the increasing development of new technologies, it has become possible to see an environment from a great distance with high resolution. This is made possible by two- and three-dimensional technologies in the display of images. With their help, the audience can easily see an exhibition from a great distance. It is worth noting that the resolution of the images is as high as people can imagine that they are walking in the exhibition halls. The most important service that this technological advancement has for human beings is the provision of various products or services such as sales and even exports. This possibility is easily provided and as a result of using it, the audience from all over the world can visit an exhibition at any time and any place.

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نمایشگاه مجازی

What possibilities does the virtual exhibition provide for various companies?

In this section, we will examine what are the benefits of a virtual exhibition from the companies’ point of view.

Virtual exhibitions are organized by Arka Company. If a company wants to introduce and offer its products through a virtual exhibition, it can submit its request. Then customize all the items and features of the virtual exhibition. For example, it can define items such as the type of products or services offered, email address or site, desired changes in shape, color and generally the appearance of pages with their tastes and needs. Eventually, in order to be able to access your exhibition and benefit from the services of the strategic part, you will be provided with username and password, through which you will be able to manage your virtual exhibition.

Another possibility available to virtual exhibitors is to provide communication bridges to contact sellers, submit a resume of your company, create and submit various types of certificates, define the news section, insert photos of products and … .

Virtual booth

The virtual booth contains company information, contacts, logos and other information that the exhibitor would like to share. Exhibitors can also display videos of their product profiles, staff details, their work addresses and their direct contact numbers in front of other exhibitors and visitors.

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What are the benefits of a virtual exhibition?

Virtual exhibitions have many advantages in various ways, which we will explain to you in the following and briefly describe each of them.

Cost savings:

You spend less money

Attending face-to-face and physical exhibitions requires very heavy and high costs, and companies have to bear a lot of costs to organize an exhibition, including the cost of booth space, decoration and furniture, advertising such as posters and catalogs, travel expenses, shipping costs and meal.

Attract more visitors and participants

In general, events that are virtual can be accessed from anywhere in the world. This means that in addition to the exhibitors, there are many more attendees and visitors without wasting too much money or time. In exhibitions abroad, they can easily get acquainted with the products and services of different companies in the virtual exhibition and cooperate with them if they wish.

It is also possible to deal with the problems of capacity limitation that exists in face-to-face exhibitions by holding a virtual exhibition and no longer worry about the limited space. Because there are no restrictions in the virtual exhibition and its booths, and at any time, many visitors can visit different booths at the same time.

Provide and record all information and activities

In exhibitions and face-to-face events, only a standard attendance report can be received from customers. However, due to new and advanced technologies, all the processes of a virtual exhibition, such as the number of people who they are present in the exhibition, the time spent by the visitors in the booth and the topics that have attracted the most visitors in the booths will be reported in detail and will finally be available to the exhibitors.

No time limit and more time to hold

Exhibitions usually last no longer than a few days, and you will have to wait until next year to hold them again. But the virtual exhibition often lasts after the whole event.

In cases where a face-to-face seminar may take one or two days, a virtual conference or seminar can be set up for as many days as you wish. Because there are no restrictions on activities in cyberspace through webinars, social media and exhibitions, it can help you to promote and improve the products you have.

Various virtual exhibition facilities

A virtual exhibition is mainly a combination of messengers, seminar technologies, podcasts and other communication tools in a widely used environment.

According to statistics, companies that have used these tools to interact are more than 50% more likely to retain their customers, which is why virtual trade shows are one of the most popular solutions for companies  In order to communicate quickly and very effectively with the audience and present their innovations.

Interact with visitors and participants with sufficient ease

Attendees are usually interested in interacting with other exhibitors and visitors. The virtual exhibition actually provides easier and better interaction for participants and exhibitors.

With such facilities, attendees can create an online profile for themselves and interact with other participants in a group chat created at events.

The connection between the visitors and the participants makes it possible for them to express their questions without any restrictions and on the other hand, they will not miss important events.

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نمایشگاه مجازی
Virtual Exhibition Features

What are the characteristics of the virtual exhibition?

A good and complete virtual exhibition should have the following characteristics:

  • Have the ability to permanently join users.
  • Display goods and products with photos and descriptions.
  • Applicants for a virtual booth can register a booth for themselves and with their tastes.
  • All halls should be visible in general to make it easier for applicants to choose a booth.
  • If a virtual exhibition service center has all the above features, it can be selected as a suitable company.
Capabilities of a virtual exhibition

What are the capabilities of a virtual exhibition?

The services and capabilities that should be provided in a virtual exhibition for the audience and visitors are as follows:

  • Ability to become a member
  • Ability to insert orders
  • Ability to pay for purchases online
  • Ability to register and create new booths by applicant users
  • Ability to view products and services regularly and with regular categories
  • Ability to insert products with photos and sufficient descriptions
  • Ability to insert news and content related to booth owners
  • Ability to view the list of customers
  • Ability to create agencies and sales branches
  • Defining the ability to manage menus and submenus by exhibitors
  • Ability to submit a request for price review and the ability to submit the request to the relevant exhibitors
  • Ability to monitor criticisms, suggestions and general comments of users
  • Ability to define multiple halls
  • Ability to categorize and group for products in all related halls
  • Ability to insert ads and apply management on advertising banners
  • Define communication bridges for users
  • Ability to send announcements, related and necessary circulars to employees and users of the site
  • Ability to receive a comprehensive report from the list of transactions such as payments and receipts
  • Ability to know the specifications of the booths whose contracts are coming to an end.
  • Ability to see the specifications of the advertising banners whose contract is coming to an end.
  • Ability to create different access rights
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نمایشگاه مجازی
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