Construction of exhibition stands in iran

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Arka booth construction in iran

 Construction of exhibition stands in iran ,In Arka, the first and most important factor in attracting the attention of employers is that the Arka family loves creativity and creating the most special ones. The use of the latest manufacturing technologies as well as the new materials of the exhibition booth industry has made it possible for us to offer the highest quality unrivaled price quality in Standard, which we finally try to maximize the satisfaction of our customers with comprehensive support.

Exhibition booth in iran

Build exhibition booths with the best materials of the day with flat, modern and classic designs

Exhibition booth design in iran

Provide modern, creative and special three-dimensional designs for each customer

Stages of booth construction in iran

غرفه سازی آرکا
غرفه سازی آرکا

A variety of exhibition booths in iran

  • Self-made booth or wooden booth
  • Modular or partition
  • Maxima booth
  • Space frame booth

Arka's completed projects in iran

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Arka booth design and exhibition booth design

Construction of exhibition stands in iran , Booth construction and booth design is one of the most important factors to consider when attending an international exhibition.

Your booth is actually a temporary place where you work for a few days and display your product, and it’s kind of the best thing you can do,

So creativity is very important in building a booth.

People who have visited your business-related exhibition,

are more or less part of your target market because they are interested in your business.

Before the target market sees your product, you should pay attention to your booth,

and after visiting the booth, it’s your turn to introduce your product to them.

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