Building Contract Management In Iran

Advantages of Building Contract Management In Iran

Reduce costs

Building Contract Management In Iran ,Payment of the contract manager's fee will be gradual and simultaneous and commensurate with the cost of the project, which will bring significant benefits to the employer. Also, the sole purpose of the contractor is to satisfy the employer and protect its interests, so it does not have the profitability of the contractor.

مدیریت پروژه های ساختمانی
مدیریت پیمان پروژه های ساختمانی

Reduce employer responsibilities

The task of project management is taken away from the employer, technical issues, safety, communication with neighbors, partial contractors, accurate implementation of the plan, etc. are the responsibility of the contract management team.

Reduce time

Building Contract Management In Iran, As the reduction in project execution time is directly in the interests of the contract manager, there will be extensive and redoubled efforts to avoid wasting time in carrying out activities that will lead to the completion of the project in the shortest possible time.

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Construction, like any operation, has its own rules. It can be easily handed over to the contractor before construction begins, but otherwise, if the landlord is not familiar with the construction process, he will be involved in a time-consuming process that will require a lot of information to move in the right direction.While the contractor has done this process many times due to her job and can easily obtain the relevant licenses based on her previous experiences and start the project on time.

supplying power

Getting started with the construction process is not easy. Each contractor has its own forces and is familiar with the rules of working with each of them. In addition, the presence of a contractor in the supply of many materials can be useful because they know the main manufacturers and suppliers, and in this case, part of the cost that should be spent on intermediaries is eliminated.

Of course, the description of the exact duties depends on the text of the contract between the landlord and the contractor, but in general, the construction of the workshop, scheduling the project, supplying materials and materials, hiring partial contractors, monitoring operations by partial contractors and settling accounts with component contractors. And auditing the costs incurred for the project is the responsibility of the contractor under the contract management agreement.

Building contract management services can be as follows.

1- Pursuing administrative procedures for obtaining a license, engineering system, insurance, branches, laboratory

1- Examining the plans and estimating the financial cost of building the project

2- Arranging a contract with other contractors, preparing a work status form separately for the contractor

3- Preparing the financial statement of the project periodically and presenting it to the employer

4- Procurement and follow-up of purchasing materials, transportation to the workshop

5- Arranging the processes of sequence of execution, planning and control of the workshop project

6- Financial management and updating the accounts of the project contract party, such as contractors, sellers of materials, and organizations and departments.

7- Project executive management according to the schedule and periodic updating

8- Safety management of the workshop and regulation of relations with neighbors and organizations, continuous monitoring of the workshop, health management and collection of garbage from public routes.

9- Managing quality control and monitoring the proper implementation of construction activities in accordance with existing standards

10- Documenting and preparing the technical specifications booklet for issuing the technical certificate of the property

1- Percentage management contract: In this case, a percentage of the construction costs of the project will be awarded to the contract management team.

2- Cross-sectional management contract: In this case, a cross-sectional amount is agreed on the construction management of the project. In this case, it is necessary to include a contract ceiling for costs.

3- Price management contract with price ceiling: In this case, if the contract management team can complete a certain project cost up to the project cost, the first percentage and for the above the second percentage will be determined.

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