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Building Design And Supervision In Iran , Arka Architecture Group provides monitoring and design services for residential, urban and special projects with the highest quality and reasonable cost. The engineers of this group are members of the Engineering System Organization and have a valid license from the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development.

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Design of construction projects

In the design of a residential building, the design of the plan is of particular importance. The interior decoration of the building is designed according to the needs of its residents. Planning is usually different depending on the building being designed. For example, the design of a villa is completely different from the design of a residential apartment. In the design of a villa building, most spaces are designed to be open and semi-open. Today, it is very important to pay attention to the facade of such buildings. Usually, facades are selected according to the tastes of employers, which are designed and executed in a modern or classic style. It should also be noted that the design of interior decoration in the design of the building should be in accordance with the selected facade (modern or classic) by the employer.

Design of construction projects

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Project supervision

Project supervision

Building Design And Supervision In Iran is always one of the most important issues in large construction projects. This stage of the work is related to the close and sensitive supervision of the quality and quantity of the project staff, including contractors and workers, which is the responsibility of the supervising engineer.

Usually, in project supervision, issues such as project control, implementation monitoring reports, minimum quality required by the project, project implementation history report, etc. are discussed in order to ensure the required quality of work. With more than ten years of experience, Arka Architecture Group is ready to accept supervision of your projects.

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