About Arka

Relying on the engineering skills of its team, Arka Architecture and Decoration Design Group has been working since 2011 and as an old and experienced company, using modern methods in the art world, it will take your building away from reality and bring it closer to the dream. …


What are the goals and expertise of Arka?

Arka Group has been active for more than a decade in the field of construction and participation of buildings, building reconstruction, building interior architecture, project supervision and management, contract management, pavilion construction and during these years, always using the knowledge and experience of renowned engineers of the country who have good taste in this field has succeeded in creating more pleasant living and working spaces for Arka’s companions.


Our goal in this collection is to realize Iranian life and increase the quality of life and living space of all sections of society by improving the quality of design and construction by desirable architecture and satisfying our dear customers. We have always strived to provide the necessary prerequisites for such a heavy responsibility.


Relying on the principles and foundations of engineering, architecture and experience, we associate your mind and taste and make your dreams come true. Our art is to create design and beauty in the dream and adapt it to your tastes, and our specialty is to implement the same dreams in the environment and space of the building.

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Services and activities

Design and construction

Creating a beautiful design to the customer's taste and implementing the principles of building construction is one of the most important tasks of the construction contractor.

Project design and supervision

The most important principle after professional design is to monitor the accurate and principled implementation of the project plan.

Decoration design

Decorating design for office, commercial and residential environments is the specialty of Arka Architecture Team.

Reconstruction of the building

Fundamental and professional reconstruction by creating customer satisfaction and with minimal costs in a modern style is one of the goals of Arka.

Project Contract Management

Contract management is one of the most important principles in construction because it is very effective in time and cost.

Booth construction

Having a beautiful booth can increase your customers dramatically.


Arka Organizational Chart

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