building construction in iran

Build and Participate

مشارکت در ساخت

Building construction in iran

Arka Architecture Group with more than a decade of experience in the field of building construction and also participation in building construction is ready to cooperate with you dear ones.


Complete tools and team

Arka Group has a complete and professional team from the designer to bricklayer to the facility and every job and tool that has to do with the building.

The price is right

Due to the fact that Arka procures the materials directly from the factory, it costs less for the employer. 

Lifetime warranty

We guarantee that we will use first-class materials with long life.

Excellent support

Whenever you have a serious problem, counselors and specialists will always be by your side.

مدیریت پیمان پروژه های ساختمانی

Participate in construction

Another service of Arka Architecture Group is participation in construction, which the esteemed owners can contact us through communication channels and get a free consultation.

Building construction in iran

مشارکت در ساخت

Participate in construction

Participating in construction is one of the ways that esteemed owners can renovate their buildings, including residential, commercial and office, and so on.

In this method, based on the location of the property and the value of Rials and the rules of urban planning, the owners and builders sign an agreement during which the builder is obliged to obtain a license, vacate the property, demolish, renovate, prepare a document and deliver it to Ownership, provided that the builder receives a percentage of the property from the owner for rent.

Due to the economic recession of the last few years, some manufacturers have given up and some are going through this path with great difficulty.

Over the years, the price of property has not increased and due to the increase in the price of construction materials and water, electricity, gas, municipal and other tariffs, it has made it very difficult for builders to maintain the quality of construction.

On the other hand, the problem of buying and selling housing has caused the working capital of the builders to face problems and not be able to construct within a certain period of time.

Given that the participation in construction is now done in a completely traditional way by real estate consultants, the company, relying on its capabilities and business principles, has begun to optimize the conditions and create new rules to improve quality and profitability for respectable owners.

The use of specialized engineers and experienced personnel along with the appropriate interior design with usability, adequate lighting, lack of inappropriate space, use of modern and stylish materials and beautiful facade will make you have a distinctive building from other buildings, which will lead to an increase the price for both the owners and the builders.

The architectural group is the executor of construction projects and participation in construction with excellent resumes in the service of honorable citizens.

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