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Reconstruction of the building in iran , In order to rebuild the building, it is necessary to have a general insight into this issue and to know the steps that are taken during this process. The steps to be taken to renovate a building are as follows:

In order to carry out the reconstruction, first, the architecture of the structure and its features will be examined so that the reconstruction can be done with the least cost and without damaging the building.  For this purpose, Arka Architecture Group, as the reference for construction in Iran, is ready to serve you dear ones in the reconstruction process.

Arka Workflow

Delivery of the Building
Reconstruction Begins
Provide a Plan and Contract
Consulting and Visiting

Repairs and renovations

  • Beautify the exterior or interior of the house

  • Convert the old look of buildings into new and modern models

  • Installation of construction facilities or related repairs

  • Increase the strength of the structure against natural disasters

  • Secure the building to prevent unexpected events

  • Preservation of old and historic buildings

  • Make changes to the size or number of rooms according to the individual’s new needs

  • Save energy

  • And …

Arka Reconstruction Services in IRAN

Arka Architecture Group

Arka is responsible for all matters related to the reconstruction of old buildings and the change in the appearance of the building, such as the walls, parquet, laminate, etc., so that each building will suit your taste.

If you are looking for a special design to renovate your apartment and change the decoration of your work and living space, Arka will offer you the best.

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