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Rental of exhibition equipment

Participating in the exhibition is one of the effective and cheap methods for advertising. Holding an exhibition requires a lot of planning and formalities. Depending on the type and dimensions of the exhibition, it is necessary to use various tools and equipment. It should be noted that people come to the exhibition to buy. Necessary measures must be taken to attract these people. Therefore, all participants in the exhibition are trying to attract more people to their booth and may use a variety of methods and tools for advertising. Therefore, one should be smart in choosing the tools and equipment of the exhibition.

Setting up an exhibition booth is a very difficult task that can only be accomplished with careful planning and consultation with experts. If you want to have a wonderful and unique booth in the exhibition so that you can introduce your brand and products in a good way, you first need to identify and identify your needs in accordance with your goals. 

اجاره تجهیزات نمایشگاهی

Necessary equipment in the exhibition

Space frame to build an exhibition booth:

If you decide to attend an exhibition or event related to your business and do not want to spend a lot of money on the construction of the booth and related equipment, using space frame is a good option and meets your needs.

Exhibition stand cross:

Stand cross is one of the cheapest environmental advertising tools. It is lightweight and easily portable. It can be used indoors and outdoors. 

Video Wall:

Many companies and businesses need a display to introduce their brand or products in order to bring the content to the audience in the best way in busy places. Video wall is a good and ideal option to achieve this goal. In addition, the use of video wall for introductory ceremonies, educational affairs and similar cases is very practical and effective. 

Exhibition Touch Stand: 

Touch stands are one of the most attractive exhibition equipment that attracts many people to your booth. By using these stands, you increase the opportunity for your booth and business to be seen among the competitors. Installation of these stands is simple and easy. They are lightweight, portable, and come in a variety of sizes and dimensions. They have the ability to play video content from the Internet or various memory cards. They are also beautiful, modern and impressive. 

Tables and chairs: 

Tables and chairs are one of the necessities of the booth. Exhibition tables and chairs are very diverse. Many exhibitors use table and chair sets to be more effective in attending the exhibition. 

office chair: 

These chairs have the ability to adjust the height, which is suitable for exhibitions and conferences. These chairs are located behind the counter table. 

Pop-up stand: 

Expose your designed banner to thousands of visitors with an exhibition pop-up. Pop-ups are suitable for booths located in the middle of the exhibition hall and there is only one entrance for visitors. These stands come in different sizes. They are used to decorate the booth. They can be installed in halls and outdoor environments with different dimensions. They have a light projector to create more effect. They are simple and easy to install and move. They are used in different places such as exhibitions, conferences, department stores and other similar environments. 

Roll-up stand: 

It is a type of printed banner that is placed upright inside the banner using the bases embedded. The printed banner is folded into the tube using a spring. Roll-up with beautiful mazes is suitable for island booths. In fact, roll-up is a type of portable print advertising structure. It is placed vertically and upright in its place and takes up little space. Also, these stands are lightweight and have two types, fixed and rotating. In exhibitions, conferences and similar events, the roll-up stand is used for advertising and creating a beautiful decoration. 

Exhibition showcases: 

These showcases help the exhibitors to present their products better and more elegantly. Showcases also have two models, fixed and rotating. 

counter desk: 

It is one of the important and necessary equipment for use in the exhibition booth and they are presented in various dimensions and models. Catalogs and brochures are placed on it, and exhibitors use it to present and answer questions from the audience. Counters are offered in crowned, crownless, single and double types. Curved counters are in line with the pop-up structure. In this way, they are very effective in the beauty and decoration of the booth. One of the features of the exhibition counter table is the ability to carry and install different printed designs. 

Ceremonial barrier: 

It is a device used in busy places and ceremonies to prevent the entry of miscellaneous people or to guide people to prevent chaos and disorder and is one of the necessary equipment for the exhibition. The barrier is a beautiful and ceremonial structure in various colors that attracts customers. 

Standing showcase refrigerator: 

This type of refrigerator is required to receive guests. 

coffee maker: 

Having a coffee maker for a reception that can accommodate a large number of people significantly raises the level of the ceremony. 

Exhibition TV: 

These TVs come in a variety of sizes. These big screen TVs draw everyone’s attention to your booth. These TVs can be installed indoors or outdoors. The cost of renting them is determined by size, installation. 


Microwaves easily heat or prepare food in various ceremonies. 

Water cooler: 

Glass water cooler is also one of the accessories that is very practical and needed. 

Stylish and formal sofas: 

One of the requirements of exhibition stands is durable, light and easy to carry sofas. These sofas have different models to fit different spaces. 

Simultaneous translation machine: 

This device is very useful and necessary for events where people of different nationalities and languages ​​are present. 

Digital Camera: 

The camera is another tool used for filming and photography. 

Why rent exhibition equipment?

اجاره تجهیزات نمایشگاهی
اجاره تجهیزات نمایشگاهی

One of the issues that attracts customers to the exhibition booth is the exhibition equipment in which it is used. Rental of exhibition equipment and booths is one of the most important and crucial points in the success of the business and brand introduction. The mentality and attitude that visitors find at the first glance of your exhibition booth can not be easily changed. The booth represents your business.

The first stage of planning and participating in the exhibition is to have the necessary and required equipment and furniture. Knowing what equipment and furniture you need and how to use it is very important. In fact, the price of the equipment and furniture used in the exhibition is very high. One of the most cost-effective things to do in this area is to rent the equipment and furniture you need.   

There are several benefits to renting exhibit equipment. The first advantage is cost savings because the cost of renting exhibition equipment and booths is less than buying it. It can be said that it is about one third of the purchase cost. Another advantage is the variety in reuse. The customer can use equipment with different colors in various exhibitions. For example, in one exhibition, use white equipment and in the next exhibition, choose another color. 

Exhibition equipment

Rental of exhibition items including all essentials such as space, desks and chairs, counter table, information desk, water cooler, refrigerator, parquet, false floor, furniture, standing showcase, revolving showcase, pop-up, roll-up, computer, laptop , Tablet, audio system, heating and cooling equipment, catalog holder, lottery wheel, exhibition office equipment, catering equipment, coffee maker, electric samovar. You can also rent equipment such as TV, touch screen, video projector, city TV, video wall, computer, laptop and tablet to depict . your advertising content. 

اجاره تجهیزات نمایشگاهی
اجاره تجهیزات نمایشگاهی

Arka exhibition equipment rental

Many domestic and international exhibitions are held throughout the year. These exhibitions and festivals cover a variety of activities and businesses. It can be said that almost all businesses and occupations have a relevant exhibition or event for themselves. Holding these exhibitions and events will make the relationship between sellers and buyers much wider. This will increase sales and improve the company’s financial transactions.   

Exhibition booths provide a limited space for any business. Therefore, the arrangement of equipment and the optimal use of space should be the main priority. Exhibition equipment is very diverse and choosing the most suitable equipment for exhibitors has been challenged. Therefore, it is better to consult with relevant experts in these cases. It should be noted that a series of exhibition equipment is common and necessary for any booth. 

Arka Company with a brilliant and clear background is widely active in the fields related to exhibition booth construction, rental of goods and equipment needed to be located in the exhibition booth, exhibition hall and space and other occasions and events.

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