Building an exhibition stand in Oman

Building an exhibition stand in Oman

Why build an exhibition stand in Oman?

Regarding the value and importance of Oman exhibitions, it is enough to know that more than 200 exhibitions were held in Oman in 2022 and these events attract hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. Participation in international exhibitions in Oman provides excellent and wonderful opportunities for business owners, institutions and companies. Because participating in such an exhibition makes your business exposed to potential customers and investors and is a good platform to achieve goals such as increasing profit, market share and higher sales volume. These items only show an example of the quality and features of Oman’s exhibitions.

These exhibitions are also in close competition with the exhibitions that are held in Dubai and around the world. But the difference is that Oman costs less for planning, travel costs, hotel costs and exhibition stands, so there are many more benefits here.

غرفه سازی در عمان

Features of Oman and construction of an exhibition stand in Oman

Oman is a country that has a lot to offer compared to other GCC countries. Because it has a lot of heritage and culture that other countries may not have and people here are very friendly.

Oman’s long-standing reputation as a peaceful and non-controversial country will also help attract investment in the future. Every tourist and investor wants to come to a country that is stable and peaceful. Because this means that there is a greater chance for businesses to succeed, and this is especially important when it comes to holding exhibitions. Oman has long been a peaceful country, which will certainly benefit it.

Oman Exhibition is the biggest and most important event that annually provides a platform for international companies and local people to use this advantage and opportunity to bring their products and services as well as learn about local developments and global markets. So the exhibitors of these exhibitions work very hard to prepare for it. Because most of their customers are big investors and the exhibitors know that participating in such a big exhibition will make them successful. People who attend this exhibition are encouraged to attend every year as they find it to be a very important event.

The Oman International Exhibition Center has embarked on a mission that is expected to “elevate the exhibition center to a unique position in the region.” OIEC is committed to fulfilling this mission by providing world-class facilities for exhibitions and other related events. In an effort to expand its horizons, the center is continuously strengthening its infrastructure and upgrading the resources available to organizers, exhibitors and visitors. They are also looking for solidarity with other world-class organizations that operate in this field.

Exhibition booth in Oman 

Exhibiting at the Oman Exhibition provides you with the opportunity to use quality buyers. According to the type of exhibition that is held, visitors visit different parts of the exhibition, including commercial and residential, water, energy, oil and gas, transportation and infrastructure, health, tourism, etc. Other advantages of exhibiting in Oman include:

  • Save thousands of dollars on marketing, sales, and HR costs with a shared knowledge and marketing platform.
  • Influence potential customers’ purchasing decisions by demonstrating the unique benefits of your products. 
  • Build strong sales leads by qualifying and prospecting hundreds of visitors through face-to-face interactions.
  • Renew the relationship with your existing customers in a happy, professional and neutral environment.
  • Confirm the success of your marketing strategies by physically testing them during the 3 days of the show.
  • Use this event to develop your company’s skills and talents through direct and professional market exposure.
  • Another major benefit of attending the Oman Exhibition is that you can meet a large number of relevant professionals in one place and increase your knowledge, skills and also approach new job opportunities.

Building an exhibition stand by Arka in Oman

The exhibition industry is quickly becoming a highly competitive market that requires years of diligent expertise and understanding to stand out in the marketplace. Exhibitions act as the most exquisite arena to display your brand. Therefore, you should know the aspects of different industries, booth design and booth construction. In an age of fierce competition, you need to ensure that the trade show booth builders you hire have the skills and knowledge to create a flawless booth that is always up-to-date with new technology. You can lead your exhibition stand to success by combining these three features.

Choosing a trade show booth is no small decision. There are many sizes and styles that you can choose from. You can see examples of Arka Architecture Group’s work in the field of booth construction and get ideas from them for designing your exhibition booths. Thousands of brands from large international companies to start-ups and export companies have turned into engaging experiences with exhibition booth rentals, custom builds, portable booths, backlit displays, and pop-up trade show displays.

No matter what industry your company operates in, Arka Group can help you create a booth that is sure to bring the wow factor to a trade show. What differentiates us from other competitors is our internal capabilities. We are present on site from the first design idea to all stages of construction and project management, in other words, we undertake zero to one hundred project completion. Our goal is to offer our services throughout the Middle East, and Oman is one of the priorities of Arka Group.

Arka booth construction services in Oman 

From the moment you choose Arka Group, our aim at exhibiting in Oman is to facilitate your exhibition endeavor by providing a comprehensive service package. After you have finalized the design and construction of your exhibition booth, we will assign you a project manager to communicate with you. Our project manager will provide you with regular updates, clear your doubts and guide you about the rules and regulations at the fair. He also ensures that the design and construction of your exhibition stand is thoroughly checked for quality weeks before the stand is shipped.

Then we wait until the exhibition time comes, the project manager will ensure that your booth is delivered to you on time. Your exhibition stand will then be sent to the exhibition site in a strong packaging. At the exhibition, we provide installation services for our exhibition stand. Once your booth arrives at the venue, our team will set up your booth in record time. You don’t need to worry about anything when it comes to designing and building your exhibition stands, our skilled team will do everything for you so you can just focus on your exhibition.

With years of experience, Arka Group accompanies you in all stages of booth construction. Design, plan, build and operate your booth. We always strive to provide our customers with a hassle-free exhibition experience. That’s why we offer a full range of services with our exhibition stands in a comprehensive package. Our design team will work with you until you finalize the booth design and construction of the exhibition booth and implement it according to your wishes.

Along with designing and building your booth, we are one of the few exhibition booth manufacturers that offer comprehensive booth design services such as exhibition booth transportation to the exhibition site along with warehousing services.

Our experienced and skilled team will install and dismantle your booth at the exhibition site, which saves time and labor costs at the exhibition. So use our unique services for your booth.

Interested in learning how we can help you create an impactful trade show? Benefit from the advice and guidance of our experts.

غرفه سازی در عمان

Deciding whether or not to build an exhibition stand in Oman

Although the construction and design of each booth is different, the main goals of the customers are almost the same, which is to have the best appearance of the booth in the exhibition. Therefore, we congratulate you on entering the Arka company site because you are in the right and safe place. Leave your doubts aside even if it is your first time to experience such an event, we will help you do it right. First, it is necessary to answer a series of basic questions before making the final decision to build an exhibition stand. Here we have put a short list of questions, don’t underestimate this part, maybe you and your team have overlooked something.

Another important thing to remember is that if you represent a large company or a well-established brand, you don’t need to answer these questions. Because it is obligatory and necessary for you to have an exhibition stand and your presence in this event. You don’t need an exhibition stand to increase sales, but it is very important to brand yourself and be present where your competitors appear and express themselves.  

  1. What will be the positive result of this event?
  2. How do we know that the outcome is what we planned?
  3. How many times should our sales increase after the exhibition? Or how many contracts are we going to sign with customers? Or how many people should see our new product? Here, each company chooses its business objective.
  4. What kind of clients or partners are we looking for? The answer to this question can include wholesalers, retailers, small traders, ordinary people, related managers, warehouse managers, etc. In short, who is our target audience and will they be at the exhibition?
  5. Will we display our product in our booth? If it simply doesn’t physically fit on the stand, how are we going to show it to guests?
  6. How do we collect the contact information of those people who are interested in our products or services at the booth?
  7. How much money do we expect to participate in the trade fair?
  8. How long will it take to get our money back? Describe three ROI options for your planned event: a worst-case scenario, an average you’re happy with, and an unexpectedly great scenario. Are you happy with the numbers? Do they look realistic?
  9. Do we have enough time (at least 6 months) to start the preparation process for the upcoming trade show?

Now that you have cleared all your doubts and answered all the questions, you need to get ready to build your exhibition booth and participate in the exhibition!

Important tips for designing and building an exhibition stand in Oman

The decision about the booth construction has been made and you are the main person who organizes the whole process and coordinates the construction of the exhibition booth. You should know that preparing for the exhibition consists of two main parts. The first part is creating the general concept of the exhibition and building the exhibition stand. The second part is planning the interaction at the booth to achieve the result for which you are holding this exhibition.

Choosing a place to build a booth

Now, according to the country and city you are considering, you have to choose where exactly your exhibition stand will be located. Of course, money is a determining factor in this case, and the booth will be placed where the budget allocated for renting the exhibition space allows. But be in touch with the organizer of the exhibition and be sure to ask him for the floor plan. Read up on this topic and find out if there are support columns or air conditioners directly above your future structure. Can visitors reach your booth or are they stuck somewhere with your competitors? And ask yourself questions like these. Location is very important, because some booths are not accessible to people despite the great and attractive design.

What parts do you need in your future booth?

Before assigning the task to the designer, you should determine yourself which work areas you want to have in the booth. Also be aware of space limitations, if any. Wondering if you need an indoor meeting room? Do you display your products locally? How much space does the display of products occupy in the booth? Do you need storage or a staff room? How many data tables do you need and is there space for one row of data tables? These important points help to organize the logistics in the booth directly during the exhibition. Also, the information about mandatory areas in the booth should be given to the designer who will draw the exhibition booth and then to the construction company.

Leave the design of your future exhibition booth to a specialized booth designer

The design of exhibition stands must be designed by a special designer. Not every design can plan for future exhibition stand designs. Because even if you like the design, at the time of production it may simply not work and is only suitable as an image on the computer. Booth designers should know all the finer points of booth construction so that you don’t end up wasting your money later. It is recommended to tell the designer the amount of budget you intend to spend on building the booth. Because you should know that sometimes the designer’s imagination can go far beyond the ability of the builders to use cheap materials or find unique decorations shown in the picture.

Give the finished design to the booth builder

At this stage, you give the design to the exhibition company. The best solution is for the designers of the construction company to draw the plan of your booth, taking into account all the nuances of future development, your floor plan and the budget you have. If you are satisfied with the price of the chosen design, negotiate the terms of the project and sign a contract. At this stage, you, as the project manager, communicate with one of the employees of the construction company and specify the nuances of project preparation and implementation. If the booth builder offers you project management services, you’re in luck! 80% of all your work falls on the shoulders of the contractor.

Arrange for the necessary equipment to be installed in the booth

Does your design include elements or equipment not provided by the booth manufacturer? So you have to find contractors yourself and arrange timely delivery and installation at the exhibition stand. For example, we provide this service for you ourselves and provide all the supplies and equipment depicted in your plan and arrange timely installation. We will let you know how the work is progressing.

Initial preparations of the exhibition area and installation of the structure

The booth is built, it’s time to deliver it to the exhibition site and assemble it. This stage of the work is usually done by the exhibition booth builder, your main task is to control the deadlines and communicate with the responsible manager of the contractor side. Go to booth building a day or two before the exhibition opens. There may be a need to monitor the progress of the work and fix some shortcomings, which is always inevitable when installing a real exhibition stand.

Managing the exhibition process

This article is not a separate point in our recommendations. It is a process that permeates all stages of exhibition stand construction. You are responsible for communicating and controlling the deadline until the end of the exhibition and summarizing the results of the company. If you have any questions, we can always advise you on how to resolve the issue.

Interaction with visitors at the exhibition stand

At this stage, the work of designing, building and installing the booth has been completed and your main work begins. The second part of a successful international trade show is communicating with visitors to attract them to your booth and interact with your products. This step is as important as building an exhibition stand. And the budget for attracting guests can be as large as the construction itself. There are interesting ideas in this field that you can be inspired by and implement and implement in your exhibition booth. Make sure to use ideas that match your exhibit booth and the goals your marketing department has set for you.

The key is to be creative and try different approaches. There is no right recipe for a successful exhibition. This instruction is unique and unrepeatable for each company. Do a thorough research and try to read everything about exhibition stands. A method that worked well for some may show poor results for you. So, study the experience of other companies, but do it in a way that your personal experience and the marketing department tells you.

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