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Building an exhibition stand in Saudi Arabia

Building an exhibition stand in Saudi Arabia 

With its thriving economy and growing industry, Saudi Arabia has become a center for trade fairs. Exhibition booths provide the achievement of the desired goals of businesses.

With stylish and colorful booth construction, you can easily increase the awareness of your company’s brand, products and services among your potential customers in Saudi Arabia. When it comes to making a lasting impression at these events, choosing the right booth builder for the show is paramount.

غرفه سازی در عربستان سعودی

Building an exhibition stand in Saudi Arabia with Arka team

Arka Architecture Group has a team of professional builders, experienced contractors and creative designers who can create custom exhibition stand designs. These exhibition stands beautifully portray the authenticity of your brand and attract visitors to your stand.

Our experts, with many years of experience in designing and building exhibition booths, undertake zero to one hundred booth construction in the exhibition. Based on our experience, we can recommend the best solutions and adapt the project to your individual needs. An effectively designed and executed exhibition stand can attract the attention of visitors, increase brand awareness and help make business contacts that are important to the company. These experts work closely with you to understand your needs and design a booth that meets your specific needs.

In any city in Saudi Arabia where your exhibition will be held, the Arka team is ready to design and build booths that will create a memorable effect. The team also closely monitors every step of the process, from design and construction to installation and dismantling, allowing you to focus on your business.

The Arka team will help you achieve your marketing goals and ensure your trade show presence stands out and leaves a lasting impression.

How to build an exhibition stand in Saudi Arabia

Building exhibition stands is a complex process, but thanks to proper planning, professional execution and attention to detail, it is possible to create an attractive and modern stand that will attract the attention of visitors and help the company’s business goals. Give us a chance to help you make the exhibition a success!

Therefore, to prepare for an effective trade show event like the Saudi Arabia Expo, it is good to familiarize yourself with the key stages of exhibit booth construction.

1. The concept and design of the exhibition stand

The first and one of the most important steps is the concept and design of the exhibition stand. Working with a professional team is essential in the process of creating a functional and unique exhibition stand. At this stage, the objectives and the message that the booth should convey should be defined.

We also need to consider the target group and understand what the people who visit the exhibition expect. Based on this information and data, our designers create a booth design that properly presents the company’s brand and products, captures visitors’ attention, and encourages interaction.

2. Selection of booth materials and elements

After accepting the booth design, suitable materials and elements are selected to be used in the construction of the exhibition booth. It is very important to choose materials that are durable and functional in addition to aesthetics. Elements such as: floor, walls, structures, furniture, exhibition lighting, graphics, etc. must be carefully selected and fit the style and characteristics of the booth.

3. Production and preparation of the exhibition stand

At this stage, the booth is built based on the project plans that have been prepared in advance. It is worth working with an experienced trade show booth construction company to ensure a professional performance. In the meantime, it is appropriate to do all the necessary formalities, including obtaining the necessary permits or complying with the exhibition regulations.

4. Assembling and setting up the booth

With the preparation of the booth, the assembly stage of the exhibition booth begins. It is very important to book an installation appointment in advance to ensure that everything goes according to plan. Our qualified team responsible for the assembly of exhibition stands ensures that all construction elements are installed correctly and function according to the stand plans. Also, care must be taken to arrange the exhibition stand so that the beautiful and functional space attracts the attention of visitors.

5. Presentation and analysis of the exhibition stand

The final stage of assembly is the presentation of the finished booth at trade shows or industry events. Active participation in events, offering company services and products, making necessary contacts and collecting feedback from visitors to exhibition stands provide valuable information. At the end of the event, it is worth analyzing, comparing the results with the assumptions and celebrating the achievements, as well as identifying areas that can be improved in future events.

غرفه سازی در عربستان سعودی

The importance of building an exhibition stand in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia exhibition booths are an important part of the marketing strategy of many companies that want to present their products or services at exhibitions or industry events.

Saudi Arabian fairs are considered to be one of the most influential events throughout the Middle East. Also, Saudi Arabian people love shopping, especially branded items, and don’t care about the price of the items. That’s why most businesses see it as a great opportunity to grow in any industry. Promoting business through exhibitions is a smart way for businesses.

The past and future of your company depends on how you present yourself at these events. Therefore, to ensure the professional construction of the booth and achieve your desired goals, it is appropriate to use the services of a professional exhibition company such as Arka Architecture Group.

Exhibition centers in Saudi Arabia

Numerous exhibitions are held in the cities of Saudi Arabia, including Jeddah, Riyadh, Mecca, Medina, Al-Qasim, Khobar and other major cities of Saudi Arabia.

1. Riyadh exhibition centers:

At prominent exhibition centers in Riyadh, such as the Riyadh International Exhibition and Convention Center, you can showcase your products or services and make a lasting impression with the booths we design and assemble for you.

2. Exhibition locations in Jeddah:

Present your business in the best possible way in the vibrant city of Jeddah, known for its bustling exhibitions.

3. Dammam trade fairs:

Dammam, the center of trade fairs and business events, is where you can give your brand an identity.

غرفه سازی در عربستان سعودی
غرفه سازی در عربستان سعودی

All kinds of exhibition stands

Modular exhibition stand in Saudi Arabia

Modular exhibition booths are an example of exhibition booths that are used in the Saudi Arabia exhibition and are easily assembled and disassembled. These booths are perfect for businesses that attend multiple trade shows throughout the year and need a flexible solution that can adapt to different exhibition spaces.

If you are looking for flexibility in designing your exhibition stand, designing a modular exhibition stand is the right choice for you! We can create modular booths that can easily be configured for different occasions, spaces and sizes.


Two-story exhibition stands in Saudi Arabia

Do you want to stand out at the upcoming exhibition? Two-story exhibition stands are a great choice for any brand or business that wants to get noticed! The principles of two-story booth construction and two-story design enable the exhibitor to divide the available space for different purposes.


Modular shell design exhibition stands

Layout of the shell booths are those booths where space is allocated to exhibitors by the event organizer at the time of initial booking. Although shell exhibition stands may look dull and boring, we can completely transform your shell design into a pleasing one.

How to succeed in Saudi Arabia exhibitions?

When a trade show booth is created with a good plan and an experienced team, it represents a tremendous opportunity. But the competition for business at these shows is fierce, so you can’t just go with the old booth or you’ll be overlooked.

An outstanding exhibition stand may seem like a magical feat, but it is actually the result of a step-by-step process that requires experience, expertise and hard work and commitment. Personnel are also a key factor such as exhibitors, designers, planners, builders, etc.

Here are the steps you should follow so that your exhibition booths justify your investment.

Step 1. Make a checklist

This first step is very important because it dictates every other decision. Having a good project manager is very important and should be implemented from the beginning. The project manager will work closely with you to develop this checklist and ensure that a comprehensive plan is put in place to deliver your desired exhibition outcomes. It asks key questions about your goals, vision, and objectives, and notes your needs in detail, often revealing details you hadn’t considered. It then translates them all into an actionable digest.

Step 2. Bring people together

Once everyone is aligned, the project manager should gather the design and implementation team and brainstorm ideas to achieve your goals. With multiple stakeholders involved, there will often be competing priorities such as budget constraints, differing goals and visions, so this is a very important step.

The client, project manager, design and implementation team must work closely together to balance priorities, ideas and inputs to realize the agreed upon concept. This requires a coordinated collaborative effort to ensure that all competing priorities are considered and that everyone is committed to the chosen action. This is the step that brings the vision to life and crystallizes the idea that will fulfill your goals.

Step 3. Building your brand story

Now the brand activation manager and senior designers take control and use 3D design software to create the booth so everyone can get a realistic visual idea of ​​what it will look like. The brand activation manager and designers ensure that the plan is an accurate representation of the concept of the previous two phases, which in turn reflects the initial plan. They will make several adjustments until you are completely satisfied.

This step is not just a matter of visual design. It’s about telling your brand story. Your exhibition team should combine activation solutions using technology and other interactive ideas to help bring your brand to life. The exhibition designer is a “creative doctor” whose job is to “create interesting opportunities for storytelling” and this is vital.

The exhibition team also considers the customer journey and visitor experience when designing, so the stand is more than just a visual appearance. Instead, they create an experience for visitors that reinforces your brand values ​​and reputation. A good exhibition team thinks long and hard about the look, feel and experience of your stand from the perspective of their customers.

Step 4. Create a platform

After the design is finalized, it’s time to talk about making virtual reality. Now everyone involved in this project needs to sit down with you and go through the process of bringing the booth to life. Any materials and machinery needed must be discussed and sourced and the entire manufacturing process mapped out.

The project manager will be involved here along with a dedicated manager to transfer information between the different teams involved. You should always be in direct contact with that manager to have an overview of the project’s progress.

Step 5. Building the booth

At this point you have a fully designed virtual stand that meets your goals and brings your vision to life, but there’s nothing physical to touch, walk on, or interact with. This step changes everything.

During this phase, senior designers work closely with the exhibition production team to ensure that their designs are accurately translated into reality. Depending on the needs of your booth, the project construction team may be extensive and may include professionals with different expertise. Most exhibition teams have a pool of dedicated in-house professionals, but may also employ individuals with specific skills.

Carpenters, laborers, engineers, specialists, panel installers, machinists and electricians work together to bring your space to life. As the process accelerates, the pressure increases and there is little room for error. A project manager makes sure everyone is on schedule and on budget, and a dedicated manager liaises between you and the project team to keep everyone up to date.

Step 6. Shipping time

Your place looks beautiful, but at this moment only you and the team can admire it. The next step is to take your booth to the fair for your customers to enjoy. Depending on the size, shape and weight of your booth, you may need special transportation that your exhibition team will arrange. They handle all safety checks, testing, and documentation, along with any border controls, shipping changes, or unexpected delays. At each stage of the journey, a logistics manager will be responsible for your booth to reach its destination safely and without any shortages.

Your exhibition team will also manage the delivery of any marketing materials or products. They coordinate suppliers so that everything arrives on time and with the least amount of hassle on your end. A good exhibition team takes the logistical pressure off you – just bring yourself and the rest is done.

Step 7.  Setting up a safe exhibition booth

Your exhibition booth is safely delivered to the exhibition venue, but the work is not yet complete. Setup is rarely a simple process and may involve heavy equipment that needs to be lifted into place. The supervisor manages the evacuation process and ensures compliance with safety and health regulations. You may prefer to be present during the process, but in many cases the customer is not involved, preferring to leave after the booth is set up.

The booth set-up crew and project manager are on site with the logistics team. Depending on the size and complexity of the booth, you may also need a dedicated on-site installation manager and dedicated lighting and AV specialists. Your booth company will ensure that you have the right number of people to get your booth ready in time for the show. The project manager oversees the process and double-checks all the little details that make the booth look great.

Step 8. Always available

No good trade show team leaves the show before it’s over – although the logistics team might get a few hours of good sleep. The exhibition team will be with you throughout the exhibition to attend to any matter that requires immediate attention or any last minute requests.

Once the event is over and you are basking in the glow of success, the logistics team will be dismantling the booth. If you plan to use it for other events, your team will organize internal or external storage. If not, they make sure they dispose of it properly, including recycling as much as possible — something that should be factored into the initial design.

غرفه سازی در عربستان سعودی

The invisible team that determines the success of the exhibition

Having a booth at a trade show is a big commitment, both financially and practically, but when you do it right, the rewards justify the investment. You can compare it to making a movie – consider a list of credits after the end of the movie, where a lot of people contributed to the movie. Their names are largely unsung, but without them there would be no film.

These people are described as the “invisible team”. They far outnumber the “visible team” and spend countless extra hours behind the scenes for every hour you work on it. The work of art that you and your audience see is the result of the expert coordination of these teams of dozens or possibly hundreds of people during the eight stages of planning and successful execution of the exhibition stand.

Building an exhibition stand by Arka

Arka Group has a dedicated team that will closely monitor every aspect of your exhibition stand project and ensure that the project is delivered on time.

As a reliable exhibition booth manufacturer and contractor in Saudi Arabia, we understand the requirements of customers who have specific goals for their exhibition. Our experienced professionals work closely with you to define your brand identity, target audience and exhibition objectives. By gathering this information, we provide appropriate solutions for designing and building exhibition stands that effectively represent your brand and captivate visitors.

Also, as a professional exhibition booth contractor, we are up to date with the latest trends and technologies in the industry. This allows us to incorporate innovative design elements, interactive features and visually appealing aesthetics into your booth, ensuring it leaves a lasting impression. Our team of skilled craftsmen ensures that every aspect of your booth meets the highest quality standards, from structural integrity to flawless finishes.

Also, we understand the challenges of managing an exhibition, so we offer comprehensive project management services. From initial consultation to on-site set-up and tear-down, our dedicated team handles all logistics, allowing you to focus on engaging with your audience and achieving your exhibition goals.

غرفه سازی در عربستان سعودی

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