Rental of 70-inch monitor – T70

Rent a very stylish and high-quality 70-inch monitor that is suitable for exhibition booths to display products, catalogs and other descriptions.

Price per day:


To reserve goods and place an order, please contact the following numbers.


Rental of 70-inch monitor

Arka Architecture Group has provided special conditions for Rental of exhibition equipment
and other ceremonies. By renting exhibition equipment daily from this site, you can easily get everything you need to perform an ideal event or an exhibition.

To equip your exhibition booth, you can use the possibility of renting the exhibition equipment of this site, which includes renting an audio system, flash drive, speakers, microphone, space frame, heating and cooling equipment, tables and chairs, TV, LED, LCD, computer, laptop, tablet, counter, pop-up, roll-up, half-set sofa, showcase, catalog holder, city TV, LED wall, video projector, city monitor, touch screen and office equipment.

You can also rent audio equipment, speakers, bands, video equipment, video wall, lighting system, furniture, flashers, stage and space, walkie-talkie, heater, air conditioner, electric heater, fan, conference and reception system to hold your event in the best way.

Another service of Arka Architecture Group, in addition to renting ceremony equipment and exhibition equipment in Tehran, is that you can rent metal structures and stands then leave the installation and assembly steps to us so that you can safely manage other parts of your event or exhibition.

The order registration process is as follows: first, select the exhibition equipment or ceremony equipment needed to perform your ceremony, and then determine the number of days for rent, determine the date and time of receiving the equipment, with the numbers 02144221595, 02144272084, 09120242822 and 09353774300 Call Arka Support to register your order.

After registering the order on the desired date and time, the exhibition equipment or equipment of your requested ceremony will be sent, and after the ceremony, our partners will make the necessary arrangements with you to collect and receive the equipment, and on the day and date specified for Collect items will come to you.

One of the most important advantages of renting exhibition equipment and ceremonial equipment from Arka is having many years of experience of our expert and caring experts who are by your side in all stages, including selecting, sending and installing equipment, and for the best ceremony and exhibition They will help and accompany you.

Rental of 70-inch monitor

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